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6th International Filmmor Women’s Film Festival on Wheel

The theme of this year’s festival which is going to be held between 14th March – 22nd of March, 2008 is “Women’s History: Obedience, Rebellion, Feminism”. Films from women’s history, which is also the history of rebellion, dreaming another world as well as obedience, stories of women’s existence and resistance, women’s dreams… 46 films from 13 countries is with you in the 6th International Filmmor Women’s Film Festival…

This year’s Filmmor International Women’s which will be the 6th is going to be held in Istanbul, between the dates of 14th – 22nd of March, 2008. Films will be featured at Beyoğlu Alkazar Cinema and French Cultural Center and meet with the audience on 28th-29th of March at Eskişehir, 4th-5th of April at Tunceli and 11th-12th of April at Van, after Istanbul.

Festival will be held with the dream of;

- Increasing the visibility of women’s and all life experiences, and exchange of experience between women,

-Aiming to improve women’s participation to cinema and media, possibilities of representing themselves in this area, their production and power,

-And of course a life where gender inequalities do not exist, both women and men have equal opportunities, violence and discrimination disappear.

There will be video forum, film reading workshop and discussions with directors either.

In the Women’s Cinema section in 6th International Filmmor Women’s Film Festival, a young women wanting to play accordion struggles for her future in Macedo