Ana Sayfaya Dön  
Ana Sayfaya Dön    


International Filmmor Women's Film Festival on Wheels 



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The objectives of Filmmor Women’s Film Festival which starts every year in the second week of March in İstanbul and goes on in different cities with the demand and company of the other woman organizations are;

  To increase the visibility of women and their experiences, their success and productivity as well as their problems.

   To increase both the potential and areas for women to express themselves and women’s productivity in these ares.

  To expand the exchange of ideas and experiences among women both national and internationally.

  In cinema and all other dimensions of life, to contibute to eliminate the gender discriminations.

The festival includes some special parts for themes like ‘violence towards women’ and ‘honour’, the part of women’s cinema, cumulative presentations, conversations, panel and workshops.

There are no limitations or distinctions about the format, length or kind of the films in the festival, where only films made by women take part with a positive discrimination.

We look forward to see you in 13. Festival, March 2015…



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